Departing Platform 3 of Aviemore Railway Station the Strathspey Railway runs a service of three trains each timetabled day from April to October with an extra dining train on Friday evening and for Sunday lunch.

The Railway is the most northerly steam hauled preserved line in the British Isles, kept running by a dedicated group of Volunteers and paid staff, all with the common goal of restoring the railway back to Grantown on Spey and recreating a working branch line of the 1950's.

You can assist the railway to reach this goal by visiting our Rails to Grantown project web site to learn more about restoring the line. .

There are events throughout the year on the railway including our Steam Fair in July and our very popular Stanta Express and Mince Pie special trains in December and early January.

The Strathspey Railway is a not-for-profit organisation and relies entirely on ticket sales, shop sales, catering and generous donations for its funding.

Every penny goes towards ensuring the Scottish Highlands has a steam railway it can be proud of for generations to come.

The majority of the Strathspey Railway’s workforce are Volunteers who give their time, skill, knowledge and experience to ensure the railway functions day by day and continues to develop and prosper.

Volunteering opportunities are endless, no matter how much or how little time or skill you can donate.

If you are unable to volunteer practically through distance or other commitments you can still support and be part of the railway by becoming a member of the Strathspey Railway Association.

Photograph of Locomotive No. 7 departing Boat of Garten station in 1974


Photograph of Santa and girl on Santa Express train


Photograph of two Scammel Sentinels at Boat of Garten Steam event 2018


In 1978, the first year of limited operation, the Strathspey Railway was granted a coat of arms bearing the motto Ath-Bheirte which from the Gaelic means “Re-born”.

Forty years on this part of the former Highland Railway line is not only reborn through the reinstatement of passengers trains but by the portrayal of these services as typical of the 1950s.

The 19 mile round trip is packed with the sights, sounds and smells of that long gone era.

Soon after your “All stations to Broomhill” train leaves Platform 3 at Aviemore you will travel through woodland, over open moorland and by the River Spey with the ever present magnificence of the Cairngorm Mountains in the background.

A delight on many train journeys forty years ago was a meal on board and this simple pleasure can once again be enjoyed as our full catering services offer Light Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Traditional Sunday Lunch and Evening Premier Dining.

Whether you are looking for a nostalgic run behind a steam locomotive or a Grand Day Out for all the family at one of our special themed events, you are assured of a very warm welcome at the Strathspey Railway.

Photograph of Friday evening diner


Photograph of Locomotive Caley 828 at Tractorfest 2017


In 1978 the railway operated between Boat of Garten and a small station building and platform just north of what is now Aviemore railway station. The railway moved to platform 3 on the restored Victorian station in 2000. Today Aviemore is the main operation station and trains depart to Boat of Garten and Broomhill (also known as Glenbogle after the TV programme Monarch of the Glen, which when it required a station filmed at this location).

Either select the station links in the above text or move over the images of each of the stations below and select either the web link icon to be taken to the station's web page or click on the Map Link icon to view the station on the map below

Note that there is no railway station at Grantown on Spey West yet; just a lot of hard work to reinstate the track bed. The recently opened Heritage and Arts centre at the former Granton on Spey East Station is not associated with the Strathspey Railway but is certainly worth a visit. There is a narrow gauge railway operating on site as well as two railway carriages which make the railway station look something like it would have in the 1950s.

Use the intereactive map below to find the stations, car parks and accessible routes to the station platforms, as well as the routes of popular walks around the Boat of Garten and Broomhill stations.



Steam Locomotive Ivatt 46512 arriving at Platform 3 Aviemore station on the Strathspey Railway


Boat of Garten railway station including pedestrian access bridge to platform two


Aerial view of Broomhill - "Glenbogle" station with Locomotive 46512 standing at station


Photograph of Grantown West signal box and station buildings in the 1960s now demolished © David Spaven


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Direction Indicator
Direction Indicator


Accessible Parking Spaces
Accessible Parking Spaces


Car Parking
Car Parking




Train Station - Mainline
Train Station - Mainline


Bus Stop or Station
Bus Stop or Station


One Way Traffic System in operation
One Way Traffic System in operation


Walking Route
Walking Route


Park or Garden
Park or Garden


Tourist or related Information
Tourist or related Information


Squirrel Walk - Orange Dotted Line
Squirrel Walk - Orange Dotted Line


Salmon Walk - Pink Dotted Line
Salmon Walk - Pink Dotted Line


Heron Walk - Blue Dotted Line
Heron Walk - Blue Dotted Line


Roe Deer Walk - Green Dotted Line
Roe Deer Walk - Green Dotted Line


Pine Martin Walk - Purple Dotted Line
Pine Martin Walk - Purple Dotted Line


Wildlife Hide
Wildlife Hide


Operational Railway Track - solid red line
Operational Railway Track - solid red line


Track to be laid to Grantown on Spey - dotted red line
Track to be laid to Grantown on Spey - dotted red line


Route to Strathspey Railway stations - dotted black line
Route to Strathspey Railway stations - dotted black line


Route of the Strathspey Way - dotted brown line
Route of the Strathspey Way - dotted brown line


Almost all the staff you see on the Railway are volunteers - members of the Strathspey Railway Association running the Railway with professionalism and fun.

We look forward to welcoming you as part of the team!

There is something for everyone, ranging from working in the shop, to helping on the operational side as a Guard , Fireman or Driver. In addition there are opportunities to work on the permanent way or in the engineering department. Training is free - all we need is someone keen to work with other to further the Strathspey Railway.

Scroll down this page to view volunteering opportunities available on the Railway. Please talk with our staff - they will be pleased to tell you all about their jobs on the Railway.

To give you a idea of the type of work currently available at the railway, have a look at the web sites linked in the footer of this page, to view various departments and current projects at the railway.

To find out more about Volunteering at the Strathpey Railway please e-mail volunteers@strathspeyrailway.co.uk

Panoramic Rail Car train crew at Boat of Garten Station on the Strathspey Railway


S & T Engineers upgrading Aviemore Station lever frame

Traffic Department

These volunteers can be seen all round the Railway. We need Guards, Click on pdf icon for further information on the Guards department

Booking Clerks and Shop Assistants Click on pdf icon for further information on the Station Staff department

You will learn about ticket issuing and checking and will meet our passengers and visitors as they explore the railway.

The end of the day is spent cleaning the coaches and shops and preparing for the next day.

Locomotive Department

Locomotive volunteers begin by being trainee fireman assisting around the engine shed, learning about the engines and railway working practices. Fireman who have mastered the art of getting the best out of the engine under all conditions then begin to learn the art of driving a steam locomotive under careful supervision. Drivers are deemed competent after assessment by the Locomotive Inspector.

Footplate crew must by friendly and enjoy talking to members of the public.

Click on pdf icon for further information on the Locomotive department

Engineering Department

The Engineering Staff at Aviemore maintain the engines and undertake a large variety of engineering tasks. Jobs are available for those possessing engineering skills. However, previous knowledge is not essential, as work will be found to suit each volunteer.

Click on pdf icon for further information on the Engineering department

Outdoor Work

The Permanent Way squad maintains the track bridge and fences along the Railway. The work can be strenuous, undertaken in all weather the Highlands can offer! Work is often concentrated around the "P Way" Weekend each month, though frequent outings are made independently during the month.

A Work Week is also organised, during July or August, which usually tackles bigger projects. You are welcome to volunteer for the Squad at any time.

Click on pdf icon for further information on the Permanent Way department

Signal & Telegraph

This is another area you would be welcome to work in. You would be under the supervision of professional Signal & Telegraph Engineers helping to maintain the signals, signalling equipment and points on the Railway.

Click on pdf icon for further information on the S & T Engineering department

Don't Forget

Everyone on the Strathspey took the plunge and volunteered for the first time.

You will be among people who have a great enthusiasm and passion for the Railway.

We need YOUR help and enthusiasm. Help will be given with planning your visit , what to wear whilst on duty and where to report to on your first day.

Information can also be given on accommodation (we have a Volunteer Hostel at Aviemore) and public transport to Aviemore.

Caley 828 and Class 31 Crews at Broomhill station


Shed team working on 46512 at Aviemore loco shed 60B


Setting the points and signals from Aviemore signal box


Steam loco crew waiting for the guard's signal


Guard waving green flag to DMU driver

Strathspey Railway Web Links

(Click icon to visit related web site)

The Strathspey Railway Association

The railway is staffed mostly with volunteers who are members of the Strathspey Railway Association.

They run the trains, sell the tickets, service the locomotives and coaches, and maintain the tracks, bridges, fences and signals.

Accommodation is provided in Spey Lodge, the LMS train crew's hostel in Aviemore for a modest rate.

The Association also provides financial support towards projects on the Railway and is one of the major shareholders in the Company.

All interested are invited to join the worldwide membership, whether they can play an active role or not.

Benefits of membership include a quarterly magazine and reduced rate tickets for travel on the line.

For details of the Strathspey Railway Association please contact:

The Membership Secretary
Aviemore Station
Dalfaber Road
PH22 1PY

Or apply on-line at www.strathspeyrailwayassociation.org


Aviemore station shop


Feeding the fire box